About Us

From the start PT KOKAI INDO ABADI has been driven by Vision, we are always ready to adopt the latest technology and various disciplines in order to advance and becomes a reliable and credible valves supplier in the industry.

Main Product :

Real Factory Story

every products and services provided to clients are always driven by winning solutions for our customers. therefore success to us, can only be as countable if we only act and practice of the highest standards, performance excellence, respectful teamwork, honesty and integrity. and all these are the values we hold dearly and committed.

Our Commitments to our values, which we believe will both keep inspire and innovate. where it defines who we are where it will aspire what we do, how we act and what we achieved.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision
“Become Our Customer’s Most Preferred Valve Partner”

Our Mission
“Building a relationship of friendship and trust to customers”


Year 2005

Since we started 2005 we are always grounded from the best practical solutions of the best available ideas for the industries. And therefore started from trading and supplying valves to oil and gas sectors.

Year 2012

With all the confidences and experiences gathered in oil and gas industry, we in 2012 expand our market segment towards Petrochemical , Power Plants and various General Industries.

Year 2014

As our credibility and trusts gained over the time, we are looking ahead to the future and furthermore examined opportunities for stronger growth thus we set up our factory Plant in Tangerang, BANTEN, INDONESIA. With this investment we believe we can deliver exceptional depth and expertise in our field of industries.

Management System

There are values that we uphold and apply in our daily conducts internally and externally


We believe that people are the most important assets in our company and we always aim to be the company where they enjoy working.


We Make it easy for customers to conduct business and always tenacious about meeting customers expactations.


Exploring new technology and disciplines are actively pursued within our daily practices. We are always ready to adapt to changes and applying new ideas

Positive Attitude

We Always display a positive outlook and take responsibility for our impact on others


We are committed to conduct every aspects of business with honesty, ethical business practices with all our customers, partners, suppliers and communities.

Environment and Safety Practice

We proactively promote safety practices and environment for our employees and the communities. We are also committed in environment protection through responsible resources and waste management.

Our Facility