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Trunnion Ball Valve


Class 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500

Threesixty Slider

    Applicable Standards:

    – Steel Gate Valves, API 602
    – Steel Valves, ASME B16.34
    – Face to Face, ASME B16.10
    – End Flanges, ASME B16.5
    – Buttwelding Ends, ASME B16.25
    – Inspection And Test, API 598

    Design Descriptions:
    – Full Port Design
    – OS & Y, Outside Screw and Yoke
    – BB, Bolted Bonnet
    – Flexible Wedge, Fully Guided
    – Choice of Solid or Split Wedge
    – Seat Rings Integral With Body
    – Forged T-Head Stem
    – Rising Stem and Non-Rising Hand Wheel
    – Flanged or Buttwelding Ends
    – Available with bg operator

    Expanded View & Bill Materials | Trunnion Ball Dimension

    Expanded view & Bill Materials

    No Item. Part Number ASTM Materials
    1.HandleCarbon SteelCarbon Steel
    2.Stop Plate Carbon SteelCarbon Steel+ZNCarbon SteelCarbon Steel+ZNCarbon Steel+ZN
    3.Gland BoltA193-B7A193-8A193-B7A193-B8MA193-B8M
    4.Gland BoltA193-B7A193-B7A193-B7A193-B7A193-B7
    5.Gland FlangeA216-WCBA351-CF8MA352-LCBA351 CN7MA890 4A
    6. StemA276-304A276-316A276-304Alloy 20A182 F51
    7. BodyA216-WCBA351-CF8MA352-LCBA351 CN7MA890 4A
    8.Ball A182-F304 A182-F316 A182-F304 Alloy 20 A182 F51
    9. Seat Ring A105-ENPA182-F316A350-LF2+ENPAlloy 20A182 F51
    10. SpringA313-304Inconel X-750A313-304Inconel X-750Inconel X-750
    11. Stud Bolt A193-B7A193-B8 A320-L7 A193-B8MA193-B8M
    12. Bonnet A216-WCBA351-CF8MA352-LCB A351 CN7M
    A890 4A
    13. NutA194-2HA194-8A194-4A194-8MA194-8M
    14. Greasess304ss304ss304ss304ss304
    15.TrunnionA276-304A276-316A276-304Alloy 20
    A182 F51
    No Item. Part Number ASTM Materials
    1.HandleCarbon Steel
    2.Stop Plate Carbon SteelCarbon Steel+ZnCarbon Steel
    3.Gland BoltA193-B7A193-B8A193-B7
    4.Gland BoltA193-B7A193-B8A193-B7
    5.Gland FlangeA105A182-F316A350-LF2
    6. StemA276-304A276-316A276-304
    7. BodyA105A182-F316A350-LF2
    8.Ball A182-F304 A182-F316 A182-F304
    9. Seat Ring A105+ENPA182-F316A350-LF2+ENP
    10. SpringA313-304Inconel X-750A313-304
    11. Stud Bolt A193-B7A193-B8 A320-L7
    12. BonnetA105A182-F316A350-LF2
    13. NutA194-2HA194-8A194-4
    14. GreaseSS304SS304SS304

    Expanded View & Bill Materials | Trunnion Ball Valve Dimension