Questionnaire of Customer Satisfaction

Questionnaire of Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction as our objective, continuously improvement as criterion; and you along with our quality products and services as our focus; therefore, we conduct this customer satisfaction survey. Please help us to serve you better by taking the time to fill out this questionnaire, and express your opinions in the space provided.

Area of surveyPlease mark your selection
Very satisfy 5 scoreSatisfy 4 scoreFair 3 scoreUn-satisfy 2 scoreVery un-satisfy 1 score
Speed of goods delivery     
Accuracy of quantity and size delivered     
Products packaging     
Products appearance quality     
Product performance     
Company reputation     
After sales – service     
Service of sales personnel     

Comments / suggestions regarding products and/or services?     

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Please fill in the questionnaire and kindly send back to us within two weeks,
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Thank you.